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"My aim is simply to be good at what I design and make, so that people can appreciate and enjoy my work."

"My influences are largely architectural in nature, and include natural and organic forms that harmoniously combine tension, balance and proportion. I do not use devises of mass production in my work. I consider the qualities imparted only by the' handmade' object of the most importance, this way each piece that I create embodies a unique and personal factor."

"For the past few years I have been experimenting with different glazes. Earthenware, stoneware, triaxal blend and multiple glazes. I have also been exploring different ways in spraying my pieces, using a spray gun and also a detail spray gun so that I can achieve the effect that I want in my work. I spray one glaze at a time, in some places one on top of another. For me, using a spray gun and layering different colours gives that tactile feel to the piece, form."

Simon S.J. Smith - Artist's Statement
Welcome to S.S.J. Smith Ceramics online. Please feel free to browse my work using the links at the top of the page. Please pay a visit regularly to see if there are any up and coming events within the ceramics community.

Commissions Welcome! Please email simon@ssjsmithceramics.co.uk for more information.

"The Wirral Potters Exhibition" 14th - 28th April - details here and at the "Maiden Bridge Art Exhibition" 19th May - 29th July - details here.

Come along and meet me at "Potfest in the Pens" with this years dates being August 3rd - 5th - details here and "Art in the Pens" at Skipton which runs 11th and 12 August - details here.

Come along and meet me at "Originals @ Chester Town Hall" 27th and 28th October - details here.

A new fresh looking website will be appearing this summer!

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